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Subway's $5 Daily Special « Mile High on the Cheap
May 16, 2012 . We love Subway for a quick, healthy lunch, especially now with their Daily Special. For $5, you get a 6-inch sub, 21 oz. fountain drink and your .

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Tuesday's Specials: Subway
Subway. Subway's Daily Special, for $2.99 today's special sandwich is: Meatball Marinara. This special is all day, all locations. Also try the Subway Footlong .

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  • Subway - Atlanta, GA
    This location doesn't always have the daily specials posted, so it pays to do your homework! For those who have never been to subway, you pick your bread, .

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Daily Specials (Until 5pm) (Buy the whole sub of the day and receive one 20 oz. drink for free) Monday- Subway Express Tuesday- Steak & Cheese Wednesday- .

What are the current daily specials at Subway? - Yahoo! Answers
Where I live is turkey breast and ham tomorrow is meatball marinara .

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SUBWAY® is the undisputed leader in providing consumers with choices, including many healthier meal options. View our menu, see nutritional info, locate .

Subway - San Jose, CA
Sometimes, when I'm broke- I come to Subway for the $2.99 daily special. I can see Subway through the windows in my office, so I can see when they are so .

Man Subway was trippin' with their daily specials today | IGN Boards
So Monday's daily special is "Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham". Now I'm pretty sure any person who sees that thinks the daily special is turkey . - Subway Daily Sandwich Specials - $2.79 six-inch ...
Print This List Email to a Friend. Subway Daily Sandwich Specials - $2.79 six- inch subs Add to wiki. INFORMATIVE Wiki List. Tags: Subway, sandwich, shop, .

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Dave Duncan » Subway Daily Specials
Dec 20, 2005 . In that same fashion, Steve and Dan recommended that I put up the Subway Restaurant Daily Specials, which are impossible to find online.

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Subway Daily Specials | Facebook
Dairy Queen/Subway of De Smet, SD wrote a note titled Subway Daily Specials. Read the full text here.

Weekly Lunch Specials
The Grille Daily Specials. Subway Daily Specials. Monday: Turkey & Ham. Tuesday: Meatball Marinara. Wednesday: Turkey Breast. Thursday: Italian BMT .

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