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10–75 AD) in his work Mechanics lists five mechanisms that can "set a load in motion"; lever, windlass, pulley, wedge, and screw, and describes their fabrication .

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One simple machine is made up of a wheel and a rope. The rope fits on the groove of the wheel. One part of the rope is attached to the load. When you pull on .

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  • FOSSweb - Levers and Pulleys
    Welcome to the Levers and Pulleys Module! Have fun trying to put the clown on stage using simple machines in the Rube Goldberg activity.

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BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Levers: 1
Also sometimes called the distance ratio. in levers and pulley systems, and gear ratiogear ratio: The ratio of the number of teeth on a driving gear to the number .

Pulleys and Lifting
The diagrams below show how a pulley can be compared to a lever. First draw a fulcrum in the centre of the pulley wheel. Then draw a beam across the centre, .

Edheads - Simple Machines
Games challenge you to identify different types of simple machines.

Levers and Pulleys Module Summary Page 1
Mar 31, 2009 . Knowledge of these relationships is necessary for understanding all mechanics. The Levers and Pulleys Module consists of four investigations .

Why are pulleys in the lever family
Although pulleys and levers are similar in the way discribed above, they are different in other ways. levers magnify the force used. If the fulcrum is twice as close .

K'Nex Education Intro To Simple Machines - Levers and Pulleys ...
K'NEX EDUCATION Intro to Simple Machines: Levers and Pulleys-Investigate and experiment with 8 functioning lever and pulley models.178 pieces.

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Levers, Pulleys & Simple Machines
The six most common simple machines are the: lever, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, screw, and wheel and axle. Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Levers .

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Aug 15, 2010 . Simple Machines Lever, Wheel & Axle, and Pulley. . Lever,wheel&axle, pulley · The6simplemachines · Types Of Simple Machines .

Levers and Pulleys
Parts of a Lever. A lever is a simple machine used to reduce the amount of effort it would take to lift a load or reduce the amount of effort needed to do work.

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